Core Business Principles

We coordinate projects with our dedicated development teams. The whole process is smartly arranged to maximize efficiency. As a result, the performance of our teams is significantly better than that of local area teams. This is possible because we believe in and adhere to the following principles:

We will not rest on our laurels but will constantly strive to achieve even better results.


Dmitriy Kharchenko
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dmitriy has almost ten years of wide practical experience in management of software outsourcing services. In 2008 Dmitriy founded Acceptic Ltd, a software development company, and changed hats from that of a talented software developer to a successful entrepreneur and IT executive. Under Dmitriy’s management, Acceptic has become a highly efficient and consolidated team of software development professionals. He is a graduate of Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel) and V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Ukraine).

“Since childhood I’ve been interested in programming and mathematics. So I decided to take Theoretical Computer Science as my major at university. But just after getting my Master's Degree I realized that theoretical science was not my cup of tea, unlike its practical application. So a few years after graduation I started my own IT business. If it hadn’t been for my colleagues, many of whom I can call my friends now, we would have never built the company we are all proud of now. Today I spend most of my time working with my team, developing the company’s marketing strategy and setting up business processes.”
We have offices in Kharkiv and Kyiv