We coordinate projects with our dedicated development teams.
The whole process is smartly arranged to maximize efficiency.
As a result, the performance of our teams is significantly
better than that of local area teams.

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Our Events
Welcome to the 14th meetup of “Съесть собаку”!
20th September (Thursday) at 18:30
Blagoveschenskaya St. 1, Kharkiv
Junior JavaScript Developer
Date published: 24.09.2018
JavaScript Developer
Date published: 20.09.2018
Middle Xamarin Developer
Date published: 14.09.2018
Middle Frontend Developer
Date published: 13.09.2018
Microsoft Business Analyst
Date published: 13.09.2018
Middle Java/JavaScript Developer
Date published: 05.09.2018
Embedded Developer
Date published: 29.08.2018
Algorithm C++ Engineer
Date published: 29.08.2018
Middle JavaScript Developer
Date published: 28.08.2018
Accout Manager
Date published: 22.08.2018
Middle PHP Developer
Date published: 10.08.2018
Junior Motion Designer
Date published: 09.08.2018
Middle React.js Developer
Date published: 01.08.2018
Middle Manual QA
Date published: 30.07.2018
Solution Architect/Technical Lead
Date published: 30.07.2018
Middle Full Stack Developer
Date published: 18.07.2018
Middle Frontend Magento Developer
Date published: 12.07.2018
Research and development specialist
Date published: 05.07.2018
DevOps Engineer
Date published: 19.06.2018
Senior Fullstack .NET Developer
Date published: 16.03.2018
Sales Analyst
Date published: 29.09.2017


Access to resources

Kharkiv and Kyiv (Ukraine) are cities with a large market of skilled IT-specialists.

Saving your budget

Labor costs are more affordable and there are no additional costs such as taxes, health insurance, administrative or recruitment costs.

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This is the basis and the means by which we ensure maximum results. We have a disciplined and clear approach to address numerous processes: calls, meetings, regular reports, and business trips to and from the customer. We do not overcomplicate the process nor get bogged down in corporate bureaucracy.

Project management and responsive methodology

We assign a PM for every project. It is our standard of integrity. His task is to thoroughly investigate the needs and select a methodology for optimal development. He shapes the process, maintains compliance, minimizes the risks and encourages interest in the project.

Corporate culture transfer

We adapt to your corporate culture and values. This way, the employees involved feel like a meaningful part of the team, become inspired with the business idea and are strongly motivated in seeing the successful completion of the project. We mitigate the difference between outsourced and internal departments.

4 work stages

Requirements Assessment

At this stage we communicate with you in order to understand which tasks will be performed by your team, what technologies should be used, what roles are needed within the team, the ideal team size, and what type of process you prefer. We can advise you on the optimal team composition, processes and technologies.

Team Selection

We suggest the best available candidates both from the company pool and from the labor market. Our HR specialists propose candidates taking into account not only their professional experience and technical skills, but also their personal qualities.You have the opportunity to select the actual candidates who will work for your team.

Workflow setup

At this stage we detail the necessary software, organize workplaces, establish the client–team communication channels and begin the knowledge transfer.

Team Launch

After the team starts working, our project and account managers supervise the team to make sure that every member works efficiently.



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