“Съесть собаку”  is a platform for communication and experience exchange for those occupied in IT production. 

On the 15th of March we’ll have our next “Съесть собаку” meeting which will be dedicated to JavaScript. That night we will hear some lectures useful for both development and testing specialists.

  • The topic of the presentation 1:

    «Testing through logging»

    Talking points:

    • Issues during large JS-applications testing;
    • How logging can help to test an application;
    • How to log a complex application on sockets with React+Redux;
    • Logger’s development, logging approaches without frameworks binding;
    • Advanced backend+frontend logging with the use of Elastic Stack;
    • Case: how we search and fix complex bugs;
    • Summaries.

    About lecturer:

    Sergey faced programming in the mad 90s when he was developing add-ons for Fallout 2. In college he was drawn to web-development and since then mastered JS, Node, Python and PHP. Sergey has a number of large completed projects under his belt - he designed them from scratch.  His personal project is  currently at the testing stage and will soon be out to conquer the world. 

    Mr.Alexandrov definitely got to know the ropes of large projects architecture.


    Sergey Alexandrov
    Senior Software Engineer
  • The topic of the presentation 2:

    «Code style and violence»

    Talking points:

    • Why on earth do we need it?
    • What exactly do we limit and how do we choose a code style;
    • Rules and limitations for writing scripts, styles and work process;
    • We will create our own npm-package for the sake of especially sophisticated violence.
    • Rules and limitations for the work process on the side of version control systems;
    • What’s next?

    About lecturer:

    In 2000, when brits decided that it was time to switch to the metric system and the first MKS-1 long term expedition started off from Baikonur, somewhere in Kiev Anton was making up his first page. During those 18 years he fully learned the entire web technology stack, became a member of Web Standards in Ukraine, founded an electronic Frontender Magazine and managed to speak at a number of international and local conferences for web-developers.

    Anton certainly got to know the ropes of frontend.

    More info on our website. Registration is mandatory and is available at the link. Cost of participation – 300 UAH. We are meeting on 15th March at 6:30 PM in Fabrika.space.


    Anton Nemtsev
    Tech Lead at Template Monster