“Съесть собаку”  is a platform for communication and experience exchange for those occupied in IT production. 

On the 14th June we will be waiting for you at another “Съесть собаку” meeting, where we’ll discuss work with highload applications. The lectures on that subject will be of use to those dealing with large projects development:

  • The topic of the presentation 1:

    «How we experiment in large microservice systems»

    Talking points:

    • How to make development on microservice system flexible, when it contains over 100 nodes;
    • How to minimize errors and their cost;
    • How to gently ensure version migrations and evolution of the entire system. 

    About lecturer:

    We are happy to introduce our first speaker Alexandr Baranezky, Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead of True Edit Team at PDFFiller.

    He started his career in 2002 by writing a program for tax office on Delphi. Alexandr is a jack of all trades - engineer, inventor, expert in PostScript, PDF, Javascript and React/Redux. He knows exactly how to stay sane when working with multiple microservices and A/B tests. Alex is most proud of his TrueEdit project - an exclusive Web-editor for PDF documents.


    Alexandr Baranezky
    Team Lead of True Edit Team at PDFFiller
  • The topic of the presentation 2:

    «Fault-tolerant Redis cluster»

    Talking points:

    • Why use Redis;
    • Evolution of Redis implementation into a large project, and its pitfalls;
    • Ways to achieve high availability and fault tolerance;
    • Our scenario.

    About lecturer:

    Our second speaker will be presenting himself for the first time in Ukraine. Please welcome: Alexander Katynia, CTO at Onliner.by (Minsk, Belarus).

    His first steps in development Alex made back in the students’ years. Now, behind his developer’s belt are PHP, Go, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra, Sphinx, Elasticsearch, Docker and many more. Alexander leads the development of one of the largest portals in Belarus and knows nearly everything about microservice backend architecture. Besides that he is into motosports.

    More info on our website. Registration is mandatory and is available at the link. Cost of participation – 350 UAH. We are meeting on 14th June at 6:30 PM in Fabrika.space.


    Alexander Katynia
    CTO at Onliner.by (Belarus)