“Съесть собаку”  is a platform for communication and experience exchange for those occupied in IT production. 

The first  meeting for true coffee nerds will take place on 21st December. That evening we will hear some Java sharing!

  • The topic of the presentation 1:

    «GraphQL — APIs the New Way»

    Talking points:

    • REST as an architectural style;
    • When REST-ish API is not well suited;
    • Overview of GraphQL-Java;
    • GraphQL APIs experience at Wix;
    • Downsides  overview of GraphQL;
    • Summaries: How and when to choose an API style.

    About lecturer:

    He wrote his first code 12 years ago back in school and couldn’t stop ever since. Today Vova is an engineer, a guild master, an XP-methodologies practitioner, a co-author of a patent in the electronic matching class, a member of JEEConf program committee and XP Days Ukraine. He definitely got to know the ropes of quality web-projects, platforms and API.


    Vladimir Tsukur
    Lead Software Engineer at WIX
  • The topic of the presentation 2:

    «Refactor to Reactive With Spring 5 and Project Reactor»

    Talking points:

    • Overview of non-reactive applications problems;
    • Reactive Architecture overview;
    • Spring 5 as a key solution introduction;
    • Spring 4 to Spring 5 step by step refactoring.

    About lecturer:

    A person who is in love with development, Oleg is an adherent of Java and related technologies with a 6-year experience in software development.

    He works by the moto “fail fast, learn fast” and thus often experiments with new frameworks and architectures. Oleg is inspired by a beautiful code and application design. He got to know the ropes in Reactive Programming and Spring Framework.

    More info on our website. Registration is mandatory and is available at the link. Cost of participation – 250 UAH. We meet on Deember 21 at 6:30 PM in Fabrika.space.


    Oleg Dokuka
    Senior Software Engineer at Levi 9, CTO at SmartSteamShop