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Testing through logging

This article is based on the lecture of Sergey Alexandrov at the “Съесть собаку” meetup. What is the problem? If you compare a program to a living organism, a bug in it would qualify as a disease. The occurrence of the ‘disease’ may be affected by a number of factors and a specific environment, especially

JavaScript game development

Web is a convenient platform for a quick start in game development, especially for those of you who are familiar with JavaScript language. This is a feature-rich platform in content rendering and input processing from different resources. First steps in game development for Web: Sort out the game loop and rendering definitions. Learn to process

Code quality with SonarQube on PHP projects. History of one refactoring.

We all like buying high quality products. We all believe that we make high quality products in our job. And if this is easy to check the quality of a material thing – it somehow seems to be a problem to verify the quality of a product that was made by a programmer. First of

HTML(5)+JS replaces Silverlight

Microsoft’s Silverlight was initially a competitor to Adobe’s Flash technology. This is a rich internet application framework for developing web applications with tight developer control over user interface, allowing for complex, desktop-like applications. They can also provide powerful back-end data interactivity and often allow development of stand-alone, offline “Smart Apps” which can pre-cache data, and

Reference counting

            In this article I would like to share some of my professional experience on a couple of major issues that I am sure lots of my fellow PHP developers have to deal with sooner rather than later. By trial and error it helped me to come up with a working solution of how to

T-SQL Starter

T-SQL is a simple language that allows us to operate with data. It doesn’t matter which main language you are working with. What really important is the knowledge of T-SQL. Let me describe the simplest T-SQL query that has all the basic T-SQL operators in it. All the examples are done in MSSQL 2012 Developer

“Chef”: how to cook it right?

Who, or what, is Chef? In the IT world Chef is a powerful infrastructure configuration and deployment framework for virtualization. It simplifies the process of deploying apps and servers to all kinds of virtual, physical or cloud destinations regardless of the infrastructure size.

Using traits in PHP

1. Introduction Traits have been available in PHP since version 5.3. But yet when I ask about traits at the job interview, so many people say: “Yes, I have heard/read about it but never used it in real projects.” Traits are a powerful tool when you know how to use it. The mission of this

The Play Framework: shall we play?

WHAT IS IT? The Play Framework is a modern open source lightweight high-speed web framework designed for Java and Scala. It helps building scalable web applications without affecting developers’ productivity. This framework is built on Akka and it consumes minimum of predictable resources such as memory, CPU and threads. The Play is based on non-blocking

SSIS 2012 – How to add a DLL reference in SSIS Script task

SQL Server Integration Services is a framework for developing ETL solutions based on the .NET Framework. The Script task component provides ability to perform tasks that are not available in the built-in tasks and transformations. The Script task component also allows us to combine tasks in one script instead of using multiple tasks and transformations.