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7 Steps to a contract

What can and must a reliable and trusted Outsource Service Provider (OSP) offer? Before you contract an OSP, go through the following checklist.

How classic marketing helps the digital approaches

“For the past 2 days more content has been created, than there has ever existed on the web in 2003” © Dan Colby, Google CMO. Ad Age Digital Conference 2011 The level of informational noise overshoots everywhere and in everything. Things will only get worse. What does it mean for all of us? Reaching your target

How to Avoid Miscommunication in Software Development Projects – in Real Examples

We collected examples of wrong communication in real software development projects and IT outsourcing, and discussed how the client can avoid it.

New Trends in IT Outsourcing Service and Pricing Models

IT outsourcing is not only about cost savings. It’s a smart business move to cover the lack of specific expertise, access to better capabilities, and freeing up in-house resources to focus on strategic business goals.

Cloud Staffing and IT Outsourcing Evolution

Article describes cloud staffing and clarifies difference between cloud staffing, dedicated developers teams and conventional nearshore / offshore IT outsourcing.

Agile Dedicated Teams, or How to Make Outsourcing Software Development More Reliable

How to make offshore or nearshore IT outsourcing more reliable? A possible answer can be dedicated software development teams combined with Agile methodology.