Brief excursion into PPC advertising

Workshops for training and the exchange of experiences have become a tradition for us. “Learned yourself – share with others” – the principle that guides our company.

Anya from our marketing department undertook the creation of a presentation  with the theme: “The Basics of PPC advertising.” She told the audience what it takes to start, what to look for, how to speed up the process, and to put emphasis on common errors. At first, Anya explained the key differences between the more basic services (contextual advertising) such as Yandex Direct and Google Adwords. She drew a parallel to the number of settings and compared Direct with a man and Adwords with a woman.

An additional advantage of Google Adwords is the opportunity to advertise on YouTube.

Anya advises to start all activities related to contextual advertising these preliminary considerations:

  • Analysis of the target audience ;
  • Analysis of demand;
  • Analysis of competitors; and
  • Setting goals.


“Identify your audience; find out whether it is on the Internet. Learn which queries people are using when looking for you. Analyze the sites of competitors. Careful that, what pages are advertising, whether or not the user is spending the time to look for the necessary information. Set a goal; decide what result you want to get. Objectively evaluate whether there is a real problem and at what point you would consider efficiencies.”

In principle, any strategy is based on a definite plan. Make it easy enough to answer the following questions:

  • What audience you are trying to attract;
  • What types of advertising to use;
  • Which queries to display in ads;
  • What pages lead users;
  • How much you are willing to pay;
  • How and when to consider efficiency; and
  • How to work on through problems.

Think out your strategy and then you realize how much it takes force. Ideally, we all dream to spend less time and get the maximum result. What to do? How to speed up?


7 simple things will help you:

  • Use exact match keywords;
  • Manually choose platforms in media networks;
  • Use universal template ads where there is the name of the product in the title, and in the body you can add standard phrases: free shipping , guarantee, quality, etc.;
  • Choose your keywords carefully;
  • Use filter keywords to create ad groups;
  • Use automatic bidding, be sure to include a CPC bid limit; and
  • Use a common budget if driving multiple campaigns.


Anya’s presentation can be found here and watch the video in Russian here.

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