How we started an internship program in the company: the outline and conclusions after three Project Managers’ admissions.

At a certain development stage many companies realize that human resources may be found not only in labor market, but can also be raised internally. That is how internship programs emerge. In a number of organizations such programs have turned into internal educational institutions, others didn’t quite adapt the idea of this whole thing. In

WBS and sequencing

Planning and delivering development tasks into the project schedule with sticky notes and Google Gantter. Report from the battlefield. Every Project Manager faces different challenges with planning scope and sticking to the deadlines. In this article I suggest we look into a couple of case-studies that I have used from my own experience. Therefore, this

How to сreate your own Retrospective mix?

Agile approach to development has distinguished many instruments helping to make work more predictable and effective. On the other hand, Agile has brought to the world methodologies that use these instruments according to certain patterns. They are obviously great although not sufficiently flexible. The thing is that the tools can be used outside the pattern

Hire the best: advices from the founder of StackOverflow

Which is the most common advice startupers take? Hire the best! It is true – perfect team can get a run-of-the-mill idea and transform it into the world-best product. However, cofounder of Stack Overflow and the author of the blog Coding Horror JEFF ATWOOD thinks there is some weak spot in this approach. *** We

Code quality with SonarQube on PHP projects. History of one refactoring.

We all like buying high quality products. We all believe that we make high quality products in our job. And if this is easy to check the quality of a material thing – it somehow seems to be a problem to verify the quality of a product that was made by a programmer. First of

The interview on Javascript: road map, tips and tricks

If you know how to change on the fly the prototypes of the things If you feel as a ruler of the HTML Universe and as the master of the World DOM Tree, If you know where events leave and what time of the life cycle is the best to hunt them, If you own

HTML(5)+JS replaces Silverlight

Microsoft’s Silverlight was initially a competitor to Adobe’s Flash technology. This is a rich internet application framework for developing web applications with tight developer control over user interface, allowing for complex, desktop-like applications. They can also provide powerful back-end data interactivity and often allow development of stand-alone, offline “Smart Apps” which can pre-cache data, and

7 Steps to a contract

What can and must a reliable and trusted Outsource Service Provider (OSP) offer? Before you contract an OSP, go through the following checklist.

Main differences of versions

In this article I would like to shed the light on such a common but not a very widely used subject as innovations in various versions of PHP interpreter. To be more specific, we will look into the useful changes for versions 5.4, 5.5, 5.6. But first things first… Let’s start from version 5.4. What you

Job of the future?

I suppose you are aware and not surprised by the growth of the number of companies turning to outsourcing basically every day. With them the amount of people who are loyal to their remote work also increases. Such a working format is profitable for both sides. However, it’s only actual for those companies where physical